Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Very Own Shop

I didn't go to work today. I could have gone to work, but then all of these incredible ideas of mine may have not blossomed! I decided to crank out the old sewing machine and start creating again. I didn't have time to go to the fabric store because I had a dentist appointment and then met up with my boyfriend for "lunch" at 5pm. But, I will go to the big SAS fabric superstore in Phoenix this weekend and make my very own clothing and accessories once more.

Then, I got to even more thinking! I love to shop (more than anything else) so I figure I can shop around for great vintage pieces and sell them as well.

Thanks to Etsy, my dream can be a reality. It's just the start of an exciting adventure and career.

Please take a gander:

Thursday, May 12, 2011


I am applying for the internship in the Design Department for Betsey Johnson's label in New York City. I want it more than anything. Anything. I have a Word Document opened with the beginning of my cover letter exposed; beginning meaning, of course, my name and information and the information of the person I will be sending it to. Under that there lies the lonely first sentence: I am applying for the internship in your Design Department because

Because... Where do I begin without sounding like an idiot! Because I adore Betsey Johnson and her label. Because I am finally diving into my passion for fashion. Because I am educated and interested. Because living in New York and being unpaid is not what I do but need to do for any sense of inspiration and motivation. Because I just got a sit-down full time salary job that sucks. Because the first time I ever saw a Betsey Johnson dress in the small boutique in Durango, Colorado, I fell instantly in love.

How do I write this professionally? It was easier applying to college and for my old-person job. But, that is exactly why this is so fun. It's never been difficult for me to put words onto a page. Ever.

I have absolutely no experience in design. My parents didn't want me to go to FIDM because it wasn't a university. I could have kick-started my passion five years ago, but instead I got an English degree. I need to take this to my advantage, not to my demise. I am not just another girl applying to hang around people who love Betsey Johnson clothing. I am that girl, :-/, but I am also the girl applying to expand Betsey Johnson. I want to be there to experience its growth. I want to be involved in the birth, the growing-up and the leaving-for-college of the clothing. Why? Because.

Now write this cover letter!

Friday, November 19, 2010


I, of course, found this great site on Twitter. This team of students from Harvard combined forces to make a website that sells expensive clothing before it is publicly released at a cheaper price. Read about their back-story here:

I just "voted" on my favorite items they have listed in their "trunks". This doesn't mean you have to purchase the item, but the act of voting sure makes you want to. My favorite item was a boyfriend blazer made by JUMA so I voted for it out of the three items by the same label. Voting on different fashionable items is a good way to see what other people think of upcoming ideas and ideas that are fading in the fashion industry.

Go over to their site (by clicking on the title of this blog or going to and check out their trunks! You might come across some lucky finds before the holidays.




Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's Betsey's Fault

Betsey Johnson has forever ruined my life. Ever since I saw that gorgeous dress in a little, local boutique in Durango, Colorado, I fell in love and became a shopaholic. That dress was far too big for me, as I was only 11, but it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and I felt like I was the most beautiful thing in the world wearing it (despite the fact it was ill-fitting on such a young girl). Its curvy figure, its soft material, its lace lining, its leopard print sexiness... I needed more.

There is an opportunity for me to apply to be an intern at Betsey Johnson in New York for 10-12 weeks and be their social media workaholic. Although this sounds like the perfect job in the world for me, there are a few set-backs. It is in New York, for one. Not even a big deal, though. What's worse, it's unpaid. How does a girl survive in New York City working 10am-5pm Monday-Friday unpaid? It's Betsey's fault. Because I might just do it, even if it means living on the streets for a few months. Suggestions?



Thursday, October 21, 2010


I realized that being in school and trying to move my way up in the workplace has significantly reduced my interest in hobbies. This is very bothersome for me because I always like to keep busy with interesting things like: playing guitar, sewing dresses, writing in a journal, making scrapbooks, producing a political propaganda magazine, producing a local fashion and arts magazine online and searching thrift stores for fun finds to keep myself entertained. What happened?

I'm pondering this right now sitting in the coffee shop by Arizona State called Cupz. There are currently two flies that keep attacking my soy latte and eyeballs and I'm trying to do homework. I don't want to do homework. I don't need to know how to understand these math problems, but I need to in order to graduate college in two months. Two months. It's just so weird that four and half years went by so quickly.

I need to get back in the groove before I've fallen so far deep into a job and television. This inspiration just came to me in reading a fashion blog and I came across this website:  I can do that! It's so easy! And how fun would it be to find old suitcases and turn them into furniture for the home.

If 2010 has taught me anything, it's that life is the most amazing and precious thing; it's all I've got. So, I've had my partying fun, my studying, my making money extravaganza; now it's time to look into 2011 with a slightly different mindset. Still have partying fun, sans studying, make money, and then kick ass as a creative. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


In the event that those who are close to me read this blog, I will not explicitly say what I mean, but will try my hardest to get my point across.

The two male figures in my life I have known to be cheaters to the ones in which they love. I have consistently used this as an excuse not to get too close to guys. However, recently I have fallen in love with a man that I can honestly say I couldn’t see myself without. This man is perfect for me, in every way, and has given me no sign whatsoever that he has or ever will cheat. Despite this fact, I cannot trust him.

Last night he said, “You act as though I have already wronged you and I am having to prove that I won’t do it again.”

And how true of an observation! I do act as if he has already wronged me and he has done nothing but what a boyfriend should. How do I overcome a preconceived fear of mine and just simply trust?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Time Used to go so Slow, Now it's not so Kind.

Two weeks of class remain in London. This is stressful, as the end of the semester is always stressful, because I have four papers due and four finals as well.

More importantly, however, is that my time is running out in the city I have come to fall in love with. I knew before coming here that I would love this city and want to think about it being a place of future residence. Lucky for me, I participated in this study abroad program and realized that I do love this city and eventually would like to live here--or spend a large portion of my time here when I can.

Have I done everything I wanted to while being here? I couldn't tell you only because I didn't have any set plan whatsoever before coming here. I suppose now the only thing I can think of that I want to do is go on the London Eye on a nice day or evening and also see Oxford before leaving. But, I can't say I'll regret my time spent here if I don't get to do those things. I've learned so much and just enjoyed the experience of living here. I am so grateful I didn't live in a dorm and instead I live in a flat. Also, I met Sam, who has made this experience in London so exciting every time we hung out. She is my flatmate and an adventurer.

What do I love most about this city? I don't think I could sum it up to one thing. The people are fantastic-- for the most part they are caring when you make them stop and listen to you, they give you space and expect space, they have a good time and know how to drink. The people here really make the city exciting--most walk really fast and you wonder what could possibly be so important to knock off bags off of people's shoulders while passing down the street and it's so fascinating to observe different people's behaviors. The food is great. I don't care what anyone says. Give me a fish cake or a crumpet or a tea cake or a late-night-drunken-Kebab and I'm happy. The shopping. Yeah, I'm one of those. The markets here fascinate me so much. Most times it's hard for me to enjoy the capacity of the markets because of the vast amounts of people crowded on the street (my anxiety shines in these moments), but when I get some water and take a deep breath I can see the beauty in the markets. Most of what I love to see is when people actually make their own items and sell them, the vintage clothing is always fun, the sight of hipsters is thrilling and amusing, the food halls are delicious and filling, and the antiques make me jealous. If I lived here I would buy lots of antiques and fill my flat with all sorts of goodies. The transportation here fascinates me. I couldn't live without the Tube and I don't see how other cites (ahem, Phoenix) doesn't have something like this. Ok, sure, we have the light rail, which gets you from Mesa to the center of Phoenix. Good luck if you want to go further than that in either direction. The pubs are divine. Lots of good beers here (although, I do miss a good brew from Four Peaks), lots of good and diverse people and seating areas and vibes and prices and food.

I'm going to miss being here. A large part of my life will feel quite empty upon coming home. I'll get by and learn to go back to my ways of living, but London and my experiences and the people I have met will be in my mind making me feel lonesome and a bit sad. At least I'll know it will be here waiting for me when I return.