Thursday, May 12, 2011


I am applying for the internship in the Design Department for Betsey Johnson's label in New York City. I want it more than anything. Anything. I have a Word Document opened with the beginning of my cover letter exposed; beginning meaning, of course, my name and information and the information of the person I will be sending it to. Under that there lies the lonely first sentence: I am applying for the internship in your Design Department because

Because... Where do I begin without sounding like an idiot! Because I adore Betsey Johnson and her label. Because I am finally diving into my passion for fashion. Because I am educated and interested. Because living in New York and being unpaid is not what I do but need to do for any sense of inspiration and motivation. Because I just got a sit-down full time salary job that sucks. Because the first time I ever saw a Betsey Johnson dress in the small boutique in Durango, Colorado, I fell instantly in love.

How do I write this professionally? It was easier applying to college and for my old-person job. But, that is exactly why this is so fun. It's never been difficult for me to put words onto a page. Ever.

I have absolutely no experience in design. My parents didn't want me to go to FIDM because it wasn't a university. I could have kick-started my passion five years ago, but instead I got an English degree. I need to take this to my advantage, not to my demise. I am not just another girl applying to hang around people who love Betsey Johnson clothing. I am that girl, :-/, but I am also the girl applying to expand Betsey Johnson. I want to be there to experience its growth. I want to be involved in the birth, the growing-up and the leaving-for-college of the clothing. Why? Because.

Now write this cover letter!

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