Tuesday, September 21, 2010


In the event that those who are close to me read this blog, I will not explicitly say what I mean, but will try my hardest to get my point across.

The two male figures in my life I have known to be cheaters to the ones in which they love. I have consistently used this as an excuse not to get too close to guys. However, recently I have fallen in love with a man that I can honestly say I couldn’t see myself without. This man is perfect for me, in every way, and has given me no sign whatsoever that he has or ever will cheat. Despite this fact, I cannot trust him.

Last night he said, “You act as though I have already wronged you and I am having to prove that I won’t do it again.”

And how true of an observation! I do act as if he has already wronged me and he has done nothing but what a boyfriend should. How do I overcome a preconceived fear of mine and just simply trust?

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