Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Love As A Feeling In The Moment

I wrote a song in which expressed that I found love in him. He didn't freak out, he didn't really respond except to say he was humbled--I found that to be quite romantic. My gal friend and I were talking about the possibility in which love might not be a long-term feeling, but more of a in-the-moment gesture of emotion and expression. I'm not quite sure I can actually love or learn to love or understand love. I can, however, know that I feel it at certain times. I could not believe I'm in love with this person, but I can believe I feel love for this person at many points during my day.

When you tell someone: "I love you", you say it in a happy tone while you are feeling a strong emotion toward the person. It's hard to believe many people say those words when they aren't feeling love toward the person. If they are, they are only missing out on opportunities of pain and suffering, which makes one grow and understand pleasure more fully.

All relationships should be regarded in the same manner. My friendships are the same in my relationships with men; I feel love for them many times, sometimes I hate them, sometimes I don't want to be around them, sometimes I want to cry on them, sometimes I want to talk and have them listen, sometimes I want sit and do nothing with them, cook with them, watch movies with them, read with them, fight with them... The only difference, is that in a relationship that involves two people that have feelings of love toward each other there needs to be sex. Oh, and some type of higher communication, I suppose.

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